Tax Advice for Dubai Expats

Our professional team are tax experts, who regularly work with expats living in Dubai who require advice and planning for their taxes.

Stay tax free
Dubai, the largest of the UAE states, has long been regarded as an established ‘tax haven’ for citizens looking to work overseas to maximise their take home salary. At Harris Stewart, our services can mean that the tax free income earned in Dubai, can stay tax free when you return to the UK.

Harris Stewart in Dubai
We have strong ties in Dubai and can help you with your taxes through our:
● Experience in taxes for UK expats living in Dubai
● Free workplace seminars
● Preparation, planning and advice services

Dubai is a core location for our services and we have a strong relationship with many people and businesses in the Dubai expat community. Trusted and well-reputed, we also work with a Chartered Financial Advisor based in Dubai who is dedicated to providing advice to UK expats in the UAE.

During visits to Dubai, we offer free seminars to provide you with relevant information to ensure you are paying your taxes and making investments as efficiently as possible, meaning you’re making the most from your income.

You can learn more about our expatriate services here.

Get in touch
We’re pleased to also offer workplace seminars and visits where we will also provide either breakfast or lunch. This is a personable way to meet you and offer advice in person.

So, if you work in Dubai with other expats, contact us and invite us to your premises for a seminar and meet and greet.