Fee Protection Services

In recent years, HMRC has received great investment from the UK Government and in 2017 increased revenue from tax by £38.1 billion compared to the previous year.

Due to an increasing number of enquiries conducted by HMRC, individuals and businesses who may believe they are not at risk from enquiries on their tax returns actually are, and need to be adequately protected.

Who does this affect?
If you are a business or individual and you submit a tax return to HMRC, then it is possible to be selected for an enquiry. You may be selected because the information HMRC receives from other sources differs to what has been reported in your tax return or, for any reason HMRC believe your submitted information to be incorrect

It is important to note that HMRC collects information on your finances from employers, banks, pension funds, and even from the general public. Should HMRC discover any inconsistencies, they are likely to enquire and could potentially issue penalties if they find discrepancies.

Our Fee Protection services
At Harris Stewart, we are experienced in dealing and negotiating with HMRC on their enquiries, and are experts in principles of tax, additional taxes due, and mitigating or suspending any penalties issued.

By using our fee protection services, you will be covered for the cost of our time to negotiate and liaise with HMRC, whether additional taxes are due as a result of the enquiry or not. To provide additional peace of mind, this service is supported by an insurance policy from which we can claim the costs of defending our clients in a tax enquiry.

We highly recommend that every client of ours subscribes for our fee protection services. Professional fees to manage enquiries often run into several hundred or even thousands of pounds, whereas our annual service costs starts from just £42 for an individual – significantly less than the cost of dealing with it yourself.

Get protected with Harris Stewart
Benefit from our dedicated service and highly experienced chartered tax consultants to protect your best interests. We offer fee protection to new and existing clients, which can be renewed annually for an agreed fee.

Whether you are a new, existing or potential client, please get in touch today for further information and to join this service. We look forward to hearing from you.